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Episode 5: Safety: Shamanism enters the West

In this episode, we talk about Alexander’s work as a practitioner and researcher in shamanism and especially about safety, which is the main focus of his research. We will also talk about what you can do to stay safe in rituals, ceremonies, healing sessions and other shamanic work.

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Posted on 19. May 2024

Episode 4: Shamanism: Paths & Practices

In this episode, we talked about shamanic practices. What they are, why we do them, and what the responsibilities are of sharing them. Also, when is the best time to start, and when is it better to not begin. Plus, some common mistakes that are easy to make when you start.

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Posted on 17. March 2024

Episode 3: Shamanism and the people who practice it

In this episode, Annika and Alexander discuss who practices shamanism today in the West and why they might go on this path.

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Posted on 23. February 2024

Episode 2: The First Button

In this episode Annika and Alexander discuss starting your shamanic work well, the shamanic worldview, relationships and connection, and trance.

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Posted on 15. January 2024

Episode 1: Origin Stories

In this first episode, Annika and Alexander introduce themselves and share a little about how they came to the field of shamanism. Also, they preview what they will cover in season one.

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Posted on 28. December 2023

Holiday Trailer: Season 1

Just a little holiday silliness – for your ears!

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Posted on 27. November 2023

Trailer: Season 1

Season One Trailer of the FoxFire Podcast

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Posted on 13. November 2023